To the American Political Science Association

The American Political Science Association is now holding its 117th Annual Meeting in Seattle, Washington even as woke values continue to permeate not just popular culture and the media but also academia.My own field of political science seems to have fallen prey to the woke canon. I am not suggesting that political science is unique.Continue reading “To the American Political Science Association”

‘The Pater’ a humble Hassid Passes Away at age 98 in B’nei Brak

My father Asher Anshel Mordechai Yager Tziad זכרונו לברכה died at home in B’nei Brak on Wednesday, August 25, 2021 (17 Ellul 5781) at age 98. He was eulogized at the Spinka Synagogue in B’nai Brak where, as a Spinka Hassid, מזקני וחשובי חסידי ספינקא, he had worshipped particularly on Shabbat and the festivals. In Jerusalem, he davenedContinue reading “‘The Pater’ a humble Hassid Passes Away at age 98 in B’nei Brak”

Editors can do Better than Turning to Central Casting on Tisha B’Av

When Israeli news outlet editors (many of whom are not Orthodox) are looking for a Tisha B’Av image, they invariably pick one of men somewhere on the ultra-Orthodox spectrum praying at the Western Wall. Maybe next year, picture editors might consider an image that shows ordinary observant Israelis reciting Lamentations perhaps in non-Haredi synagogues orContinue reading “Editors can do Better than Turning to Central Casting on Tisha B’Av”

Anti-Israel Media Bias: It’s Time to Temper our Expectations

“The battle between us and Israel will continue forever.” Yahya Sinwar On May 26, Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar let it be known that Gaza was ready to renew attacks on Israel. “What has happened is but a drill for what will come if Israel violates the al-Aksa Mosque” – whatever that means. “The occupation mustContinue reading “Anti-Israel Media Bias: It’s Time to Temper our Expectations”

Who Lost the Democratic Party?

For some decades after 1949, US politicos debated how the Communist Party under Mao Zedong managed to seize the China mainland from Chiang Kai-shek’s American-backed Kuomintang Nationalists. Were Washington’s policies to blame for the loss of China? Who lost China? I thought about that historical debate as the IDF’s “Operation Guardian of the Walls,” whichContinue reading “Who Lost the Democratic Party?”

Our bad bet on Hamas: the Sheikh Jarrah intifada

Updated Erev Shavuot JERUSALEM – With Israel in the grip of domestic anarchy and under attack from Palestine-Gaza, it is difficult to maintain a dispassionate perspective. So, I tell myself that this conflict began before I was born before even Israel was reborn. That Arab opposition to the idea of a Jewish national homeland inContinue reading “Our bad bet on Hamas: the Sheikh Jarrah intifada”